Adult Protective Services


APSconnect is a modular data management system built specifically for the Adult Protective Services Community.

  • Incident Reporting - Reporting incidents of abuse is easy via a web portal, mobile application or a call center interface.
  • Investigation – A systematic process of documenting and validating identities and events of the reported abuse.
  • Assessment – Comprehensive assessment built on industry best practices to profile service needs.
  • Case Management – Building a profile of the incident history in a consolidated view with the client’s service needs attached to a schedule of interactions and service deliverables.
  • Monitoring – Analyze client and provider interactions as well as case status in order to proactively alert case managers of activities, tasks and events due dates and outcome benchmarks.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting – Real-time and historical reporting of incidents, case status, activities and other data to assure service is delivered in a timely fashion.
  • Dashboards – Key Performance Indicator (KPI) views allows all levels of the service delivery chain (investigators, case managers, administrators, and the public) to track the performance of the program to assure that the projected outcomes are achieved.
Focus on service delivery and drive client outcomes.
Task based experiences
Detailed case demographic information

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