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Roeing Corporation is an organization built on building infrastructure. With two offices in Central Indiana and a team of more than 50 professionals, the staff at Roeing has the experience to deliver our clients solutions to build and manage their organization. Across Indiana and the Midwest, Roeing has created infrastructure systems for numerous industries, offering effective solutions in cabling, surveillance, telephone systems, datacenters, and power and cooling systems.

Networking & Wireless Solutions
The datacenter is the hub of information for your business. Roeing provides datacenter engineering and design, assessment, and consulting. Our comprehensive evaluation of your existing datacenter covers all components, including all connecting hardware. The assessment will provide options for design and performance improvements in relation to:
  • Storage Utilization
  • Server Utilization
  • Infrastructure Capacity and Utilization
  • Power Distribution and Utilization
  • Cooling Distribution and Utilization
  • Environment and Building Conditions

With the rising costs of energy and the high-power-density of datacenter equipment proliferating, improving the operational efficiency and energy efficiency of your datacenter has never been more important. These factors have never been more important to control, and Roeing’s Datacenter Efficiency Assessment can help. We will calculate a baseline energy consumption rate and provide a guide for improvement. Our assessment report will present:
  • The current inefficiencies in your datacenter in regards to true energy consumption costs and equipment utilization.
  • The identification of operational and maintenance procedures impacting operational and energy efficiency.
  • The strategy for energy efficiency improvements, including potential solutions for implementing the recommendations. A quantification of the proposed energy consumption and potential energy savings.
  • A calculation of the carbon footprint of your current datacenter and the potential reduction figures of its carbon impact on the environment.

Our assessment recalculates the energy consumption of the datacenter following the implementation of our recommendations for improvement. From there, we can determine real ROI numbers. A comprehensive Datacenter Efficiency Assessment by Roeing Corporation is recommended, with the goal of ensuring maximum reliability and availability of your critical systems. Talk to our datacenter engineers to schedule your assessment.
Power & Cooling