Applications designed to work
the way you work


Roeing Corporation has over 35 years of experience in creating custom applications for a variety of entities in the fields of healthcare, government, manufacturing, K-12, and for small/medium businesses. Our software solutions have helped augment and transform our clients’ business environments by collecting data from multiple systems across each organization and combining that data into a single software application with well-defined business processes.

From our many years of developing custom applications in healthcare and case management, Roeing has become a recognized leader in designing and creating innovative software solutions. These applications have helped our customers implement data-driven decision making and ensured their ongoing success.

Key features of our custom applications include:

  • Safety and security of highly confidential data
  • Business intelligence capabilities and visualizations
  • User-driven process design and collaboration
  • Cloud hosting ensuring reliability and scalability of the application
  • Fully leveraging Microsoft Office 365 functionality to effectively meet business needs

Examples of applications we have created:

  • Federal/State Grants Management systems
  • Product Selector application
  • Compliance Reporting applications
  • Case Management software
  • Integrations between third party applications

In addition to custom software development, we offer IT consulting, business process consulting, and Microsoft Office 365 implementation coordination.